10 Creepiest Unsolved Mysteries of All Time

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  • Janelle Hubert

    My gosh!! The scariest part of this page? The way the text keeps disappearing. It’s some crazy weird ghost page!
    Oh no! Even the comments box disappeared!
    Be warned all you readers, this will happen to you too. If it does, be brave, be very brave…and touch that x you see in the corner. Then, and only then will you be able to continue reading….that is, until 3 – 5 seconds pass and it happens again. Spoooooooooky!!!!!
    Oh wait. Silly me, those were just the ads. Waaay too many of them. Not coming back to this site until I’m able to read an article without constant interruptions. Seriously? 12 ads just in the time it took to write this at 42 wpm? Come on, get your act together.