7 Terrifying Ultrasound Pictures Will Make You Never Want To Have Children

Ultrasounds can be endearing- the promise of new life about to emerge into the world. But they can also, at the other end of the spectrum, be terrifying. These ultrasound pictures may have just been taken at the wrong angle at the wrong time, or they might just reveal a demonic creature about to be unleashed to the world. What would you do if your ultrasound revealed something inhuman growing inside your belly?

1. The ghastly face this one is making makes it seem he is perpetually screaming about something horrific.

2. A skull face with this menacing stare would be all I needed to run out of that hospital room.

3. What is it that makes ultrasound pictures look like depictions of demons from hell?

4. This mother may want to make sure the father isn’t the devil himself, and that she isn’t giving birth to satan’s spawn.

5. A terrifying face that is almost smiling- smiling at your future demise, that is.
Faceultrasound 8.00.24 AM

6. This ultrasound baby looks like it wants to eat you alive.

7. I’m not sure what kind of cryptid or animal this is, but it doesn’t look human.

James Oliviera

James Oliviera is the founder and editor of ScaredYet.net, the web's scariest resource for creepy stories, photographs and videos.

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  • Guest

    Am I the only one that hinks it’d actually be cool to havr an ultra sound likw thid???

  • Abigail Brudek

    Am I the only one that thinks it’d actually be cool to have an ultra sound like this???

  • discotechnology

    Is the devil kid with pointy tail real?

  • stanthewarrior

    This may sound stupid, but from someone who knows nothing about babies- how do some of them have teeth? Are they already developed in the gums at this stage?

    • Harrison Langley

      Everyone is born with “tooth buds”, basically your baby teeth are inside your gums when you’re born and around 5ish months they’ve grown and start to push through the gum. The ultrasound shows the milk teeth buds inside the skull.

      • stanthewarrior

        Ah ok that makes sense, was getting a little freaked out there. Thanks!