Bachelor’s Grove: The Most Haunted Graveyard in North America

James Oliviera

James Oliviera is the founder and editor of, the web's scariest resource for creepy stories, photographs and videos.

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  • crazybabiesmom

    HEADSTONES. Those are HEADSTONES, NOT tombstones. Tombstones block the entrance to a tomb. Headstones mark the head of a grave/burial. (yes, I will nitpick this to death just as I do when a graveyard is called a cemetery and visa versa)

    • Thom Foolery

      I think a graveyard is called a cemetery and visa versa because, in common usage, the words cemetery and graveyard are synonyms. Every dictionary I have consulted on this point includes a note that cemetery “especially” refers to non-churchyards (i.e., “graveyards” as originally defined), but then includes “graveyard” as a synonym. Same with “tombstones” and “headstones.”

      Thanatologists, goths, and linguistic pedants might find a relevant reason to be concerned with the distinctions, but for the bulk of the English-speaking populace of the planet, getting the gist is good enough.

      • crazybabiesmom

        I nitpick it because I do restorations in burial grounds. It would be like telling a doctor the occipital and parietal are both parts of the skull so they’re the same thing. Like I said, I’m a pain about it because they ARE different the terms are not used correctly (and to me are not synonymous ) You are right in it being sufficiennt for the general populace.

        • Thom Foolery

          That makes perfect sense. Glad to know we have people who are knowledgeable and conscientious working to restore and maintain burial grounds of whatever nomenclature!

        • mmazzi

          So, in the course of your nitpicking, you never explain the distinction between a graveyard and cemetery.

          • crazybabiesmom

            You’re the first to ask. 😉 A graveyard is the section of a churchyard that is set aside for the purpose of burying members of the congregation and is the responsibility of the church (maintenance, record keeping, etc). A cemetery is a community burial site not specific to religious affiliation, is set apart from any structure and is the responsibility of the community.

          • Ryne

            She didn’t ask. She just pointed out, that you never explained. I’m sure she knew already.

          • Sherry

            I’d like to ask, and this is serious, so please don’t get upset, but I’ve never seen anyplace called “graveyard” on a sign. why are they all called “cemeteries”. Have you ever come across one with a sign that says “graveyard”? Would the ones such as the one talked about in this article, be called a graveyard then because it isn’t set to a specific church. (or am I understanding this wrong; that a cemetery is a burial ground for members of a particular church congregation). Also, what about the places where members of a variety of congregations are buried, which there are a lot of; are those then cemeteries or graveyards? Thank you for whatever information you can provide and for educating those of us who truly didn’t know the difference. I love learning new things.

          • Sherry

            sorry, I just read below, and realized if it’s on a church grounds, it’s a cemetery. Thank you for that information. So Bachelor’s Grove is a graveyard, correct? As long as when it was on a church ground when it was put in, it still qualifies as a cemetery, am I right? We have one where I was baptized, but the church burnt down and it’s no longer there; but the cemetery is (hope I’m using that right). Is it still called a cemetery because it once had a church there?

          • Kimberly

            Bachelor’s Grove did not have a church. It was sanctified ground, but not connected to a church. I grew up in the area, and hiked all over the grounds. It’s very creepy, and I get definite vibes off the area… and no, I’ve not seen the Ghost House. Other things, yes.

    • Matthew Carson

      In Joliet, there is a graveyard that is half filled with tombs. Does that count as a cemetery?

      • crazybabiesmom

        It’s a graveyard if it is on church property. It is a cemetery if it is NOT on church property, regardless of burial style (tomb vs burial).

        • Karen Zappavigna Hoogland

          And what if it is an Archdiocese owned property? Cemeteries owned by the Catholic Church are considered property of the Church.

          • crazybabiesmom

            And if they are on church property. They are graveyards.

          • crazybabiesmom

            Ex. Here in my county all but ONE Catholic burial sites are ON the church property – they are graveyards. We have the one Catholic CEMETERY that is not on church property. Even though they are responsible for it it is not set aside in the YARD (not shouting there, just emphasis 😉 ) of the church.

          • Karen Zappavigna Hoogland

            Interesting. Thanks for sharing! Never realized the differences in cemeteries and graveyards prior to this discussion.

        • Genny

          Wow – That’s my fun fact for today 🙂

      • cnabren

        I’m curious as to which graveyard you are referring to because I’m from Joliet. 🙂

        • Momof 2

          Im assuming its the one behind the New soccer field off Mission Blvd.

    • Michelle

      While we’re nitpicking, I’d like to point out that the accurate spelling would be “vice versa.”

      • crazybabiesmom

        Thank you for catching that!

    • me

      get over yourself….enjoy the story and move on…….

  • Lauri Bruno Golonka

    crazybabiesmom, thanks for bringing up two very good points. Most people don’t realize there are differences.

  • DelFierce

    I’ve been there a couple times. It’s not that scary….I’ve even been there at night when I was younger. It’s so dark you can’t even see anything. The scariest part are the cops…looking for people to arrest at night. Then during the day you can go through there for hiking.

  • Lucy

    Thats because no one cares crazybabiesmom and Lauri Bruno Golonka.

  • Monica Heart Swieton

    been to this cemetery on multiple occasions. The last time I ventured
    into the forsaken woods of Bachelor’s Grove I was dressed like Wilfred.
    There’s nothing remotely haunting or “scary” about this cemetery except
    the fact that you may encounter a
    couple of kids trying to scare you along the way into the woods.
    There’s hardly any tombstones or “ghosts” left besides those in your

    you want to shit your pants, I’d advise heading to Aux Sable Cemetery
    located right outside Morris, IL. The cemetery is nestled in an
    overgrown forest in the middle of nowhere. You must take a small, dirt, one
    lane, bridge across a river/ creek bed to get inside the cemetery which
    is completely engulfed in trees. Aux Sable Cemetery has not been trodden
    with tourists or “ghost hunters”- it will give you a run for your
    money. Although, I would go near dawn or dusk because once you’ve
    crossed the threshold the last thing you want to do is be caught in the
    mud and abandoned in the woods with no cell signal. Take it from me. I
    had to use sticks and my bare hands to claw through the mud that had
    caked around my tires.

    • Tam Paul Carlsen

      I’ve been to both many times. The scariest part of both is how a person could desecrate a burial ground. I’m more afraid of bumping into a living person capable of such a thing than a ghost. Filthy, garbage, vandalism, dirty needles and condoms. Who the hell does such a thing? I’ve never felt anything at Aux Sable but then again we went to pick up the garbage and keep it clean so maybe we couldn’t feel their wrath. Bachelors Grove is a different story. That place scares the hell out of me. But my father would take us there when we were little to try to see the men marching at the bottom of the pond. Maybe it’s childhood fantasy then that makes it more frightening to me.

    • Dan Dertz

      monica, I dont know when you were going into Batchelors grove.I used to frequent the grove weekly for over a decade.There is multiple occurances that i have been privy to.There are plenty of unmarked sites outside of the fencing,as well as marker stones around the area.Mabye you didnt see anything because “they were laughing at Wilfred “

      • Leibfarce

        Or maybe the things you see are completely dependent on your psychological state.

        I/E Only real if you want it to be real.

    • Jessica Ferro

      You are the first person I’ve seen that knows about Aux Sable! That place scares the SHIT out of me! I went there twice, the second time there were animal skulls and animal bones left out and very obvious signs of Satanic Rituals. Incredibly weird things happened, and those woods… Never again.

      • Shawna Mathews

        “Obvious satanic rituals”…. sorry to break this to you, but as a Satanist of 25 years I’ve never once used an animal skull or bones in my rituals, nor desecrated a burial site. To a true Satanist animals are sacred and valued more than humans.
        Devil worshippers, is perhaps the term you were searching for. Devil worshippers are the lunatics that actually believe that satan exists and do animal sacrifices.

        • Jessica Ferro

          Actually, you are right. I’m sorry. I was looking for the term Devil worshipers..I’ve read the Satanic Bible, and I do know the basics of being a Satanist. I apologize 🙂

      • cnabren

        I went there not too long ago and took pics. Didn’t see anything in the pics though.

        • Jessica Ferro

          When I took pics I really didn’t get anything either. There may have been an orb in one picture (Or it could of been a bug), but a lot of weird/ scary stuff happened there, and then something followed us home that tormented me for months.

    • cnabren

      Aux Sable Cemetery is Awesome!! I’ve been there a few times. Just went not too long ago!

  • Jason DeNardo

    3rd pic down is copy written and belongs to Chicago’s Own: Supernatural Occurrence Studies Jason Nhyte and Dave Black. If you’re going to use other peoples work in your stories, you should give them proper credit. Source it or remove it.

    • James

      Thanks Jason, we will source it indeed.

    • Don Alex


      • Jason DeNardo

        If it was your picture, you would expect the same.

        • Leibfarce

          No, not really.

      • Toast


    • daniel raines

      I had a dream of this exact house and everything and the little girl. I went in the house chasing after a black figure wanting to hurt it because it had done something that made me angry I don’t know what it did I remember this dream very clear because it woke me up and I was scared a week later my father died of heart attack.

      • Walter

        Picture of the house looks like the house and tree from the Conjuring.

  • DOCS

    I have encountered bizarre phenomenon at Bachelor’s Grove and know many people who have as well, including paranormal professionals.

  • Shawn AlBrecht

    The story says is in Chicago Illinois. ..not! It’s in Orland Park Illinois!

    • nikki

      Wrong again. It’s Midlothian.

      • Just Me

        Oooo…so close. It’s actually in Bremen Township. The Midlothian borders only go as far west as Central Ave.

        • Brandon

          Really its nestled between Midlothian, Oak Forest, and Palos, but Orland Park is right down the street.

      • Guest

        ahhhh your all wrong — it’s in ”butthole woods”, were the fags fuck out there!!!!

      • Guest

        Omg I believe you are right!!!! It’s bordering Orland then… Been a long time since I’ve been out that way!

  • Brittany Halka

    3rd paragraph: “dozens on individuals”
    dozens of* individuals

    this generation has an infinite number of blatant grammar mistakes.

  • Anthony_Hostetler

    OMG who the hell cares what it is go to work or something people like you ruin a good story

  • Matthew Carson

    A friend of mine said that he entered the gate of the farmhouse fence and looked up to discover that the stars had disappeared; every last one. The sky was pitch but there were no clouds. He left without approaching the house and has not returned since. He refuses to ever set foot in Bachelor’s Grove again. I know where the house is, and even if you don’t believe in paranormal phenomena, you can feel it when you walk on the lawn, even in the daytime. It feels almost like an absent space.

  • Melosh

    Starr Grove Cemetery is pretty scary, located pretty deep in the woods where the Joliet Army Ammunition Plant once was. When I was there years ago it was hard to find because everything was overgrown. The ground was very soft back there and a lot of the headstones were very old (1800s) and unreadable, some had fallen over or were even missing. Mason symbols everywhere.

  • Patricia stroh

    Stop by and take a look at my book based on bachelors grove. I’ve insert alittle twist of the cemetery of coarse.

    • Liz Odonell

      Patricia, I bought your book a few months ago on amazon- there was a write up about books based on bachelors grove at The Path to Bachelors Grove on Facebook-

  • Pirate Trucker

    there’s nothing there but a large owl. been there a dozen times over night and there’s just nothing there. oh and bikers, there’s those there too

  • Karen Zappavigna Hoogland

    This located in Midlothian, not Chicago.

    • Dana Penaherrera

      143rd st…

  • Liz Odonell

    Great article! Saw it posted on The Path to Bachelors Grove @Facebook!

    this is a great website for Bachelors Grove history, mystery and legends. The photos are phenomenal, paranormal and otherwise. :

    and this is a survey trying to gather personal experiences in the grove. for those of you that would care to take it please do!!

  • Dana Penaherrera

    ahhh, what the hell !!!! i know of a place –( we will say )– cause i don’t want to be involed with a cen, and or a grave…. but anyway, i know of a place were i had seen a ”cross” on the map in ‘frankfort”, and i went to the site on the map and it was for a place were there are bodies of people, that traveled cross country from ”vermont”– and the dates are from the 1600’s and up to 1700’s, some are of infant’s that died at the ripe age of 2-months to as old as 40’s…. they mostly died from bactieria’s, and things of that sort, but it must have been hard to walk cross country and watch your infant’s dying, knowing your tryin to make a new life for them…. but 1 time i walked my buddies dog back there at ‘late’ dusk, and after 2 minutes, she started ”barking” non-stop at these 3 lil’ headstone’s and they were of lil’ kids that were 2, 4, 5…. i was freaked out, cause as i pulled back on her leash, she kept barking as i was pulling, and she was like biting the air, and snarling !!!! i think she was picking up on them? had to be…. so i ran, hellah fast outa there……

    • missylette5

      I am curious on where in Frankfort.

  • zzmmmike

    since when is the Midlothian Turnpike in Chicago?… The author is a jackass.

    • Kimberly

      Like most people OUTSIDE of Illinois, if it’s “near” Chicago, it’s IN Chicago 😉

  • Phil Hominid Ward

    It saddens me that in this day and age people still believe in ghosts. It’s embarrassing.

  • Jessica Hadley

    Lord Have mercy, people are insane. Who gives a shit if the article called it a graveyard or a cemetery. A tombstone or headstone? It’s a pitiful place when people look to argue over the most mundane things.

  • Amy Jensenlover Stack

    That last picture looks like the cover from The Conjuring.

  • monkeyonmyback

    It’s actually in Midlothian Illinois. A suburb of Chicago!

  • TS

    Honestly growing up in Chicago I had never heard of Bachelors Grove until I was 38. All the spooky places I went were Cuba Road, Munger Road. Oh yeah, and I worked at St. Josephs-Soldiers Home in the city. That was the real spooky one.

  • Ed

    Whose ARM IS THAT hung on my door handle?