The Devil’s Tree: Haunting True Story of Brutal Murder

James Oliviera

James Oliviera is the founder and editor of, the web's scariest resource for creepy stories, photographs and videos.

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  • Meredith Christina

    The tree is not standing…. it never broke saws. It was removed and hauled off on a flatbed. I spoke with sheriff deputies there that day. I researched this heavily. The little gazebo by the playground and bathrooms was built over the spot the tree once stood. That explains the activity in the bathrooms people report. I live in PSL and i spent many hours out there. Spoke to many county officals.

  • Julia Ritter

    The tree still stands and yes it has ax marks and burns on it. It is nowhere near the bathrooms or playground. The tree is on a trail that you can get to by walking the path of the canal. I’ve visited the tree for almost 20 years now and trust me it’s there! This tree comes with all the creepy accommodations a spooky place should have. When PSL was all orange groves and cow pastures the tree was much more challenging to get to, but now it’s easy to get to with it being part of a park. You can feel the temperature drop by it as well as feel it’s heavy energy.

    • neil wesley

      If you walk just behind the tree, in the thick bushy area, you will find a slab of concrete with barbed wire surrounding it. It totally does not belong there, but it’s there. Go take a look, I know of no one who is aware of that.

  • Strunz0

    You can definitely feel the temperature drop around the tree. Also, if you look at the tree through a camera you will see markings that you cannot see with the naked eye. I’ve been there several times and even explored around the tree off the path a bit. There are remains of several small cinder block foundations within 50 feet of the tree as well as broken moonshine bottles

    • twin

      Are you sure the killer is dead or does he still lurk about PSL..only his twin will ever know that…….

  • diane holder

    I tried to go by the tree last night and got real spooked when I heard footsteps chasing after me.

  • potato

    Uhh hun no

  • potato

    Its still there they’d be stupid to take the devils tree away

  • potato

    Omg I went there at night and got freaked out by the noises of someon screaming:~o

    • Jim

      Another exorcism perhaps should be performed vsoon by a Catholic priest. This needs to be done. This place is most definitely a source of Demonic Activity. This shit is very real. Also these things, even if one does not believe, should never be trifled with. These are real things which have happened ! This is certainly not a fucking joke. Anyway in the name of the father and of the son and the Holy Spirit be with all of you who venture there. Later on…….

  • Kelly Melton

    Good article. Except the whole “cold spots are a sign of satanic infestation” that’s compete b.s.

    Cold spots can mean paranormal things, but they are not always satanic.

  • Twisted

    I have written extensively about John in my blog and what surprises me is he is hardly known about. He is one of the few people who can scare me after death. If you watch his interviews on YouTube he actually licks his lips as he is talking about the murders, like he is really savoring his kill. But, he had never confessed to anything really. Most of this shit that people say are his confessions are not. but, they are at the same time. He tells stories as if someone told him or claims to be making them up. But, they are about the murders he committed. His story is actually interesting, though. He was Bundy’s mentor and tons of things about their lives mirrored each others, but with their own twists.

  • dood

    i live in psl as well. been to the tree… it is kinda just a tree, nothing too weird. i pee’ed on it, still waiting to be haunted (i did it like a year ago). overall i think it is just hype scare.

  • connor rocks

    he should have killed her cause he should have saw her leg right i did not look at that scary picture