The Haunting True Story of A Woman Trapped For 25 Years

James Oliviera

James Oliviera is the founder and editor of, the web's scariest resource for creepy stories, photographs and videos.

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  • Nicki

    I didn’t feel creeped out while reading this nor gave me nightmares but felt sorry for the girl and amazed after surviving 2 and a half decades of torture by her very own family.

  • Chris Dagostino

    25 years. How can people do that to others?

    At least she got out. I just wish that she’d regained her sanity and had a normal life.

    • Mohamed Ayed

      “”Although Blanche Monnier did put on some weight over time, she never regained her sanity. She died in a psychiatric hospital in 1913, 12 years after she was discovered captive in her room.””

      At least she wasn’t suffering anymore

  • Jenny K Ng

    What happened to the lawyer?? Why didn’t he whisk her away?

    • Linda Lovelush

      Well, from what I’m understanding (and from reading other clips about this same story) people in her residing town just assumed she vanished. So it’s possible her lawyer lover thought she just ran away. Although it really amazes me that he (or anyone, for that matter) didn’t pursue any investigation, forcing the police to search the home. I’m also amazed that Blanche herself, in 25 years time, didn’t find SOME way out of that room. But if it was a room with only one door – that was padlocked by mom – and no windows, then you’re pretty much stuck.

      • Kelly Lynn Smith

        There was a window. Quoting from the article above: “We immediately gave the order to open the casement window. This was done with great difficulty, for the old dark-colored curtains fell down in a heavy shower of dust. To open the shutters, it was necessary to remove them from their right hinges.” It would seem that in 25 years that someone might have found a way to break out that window with something. I have to wonder if there isn’t a lot more to this story. Was Blanche mentally ill? Was she somehow restrained?

        • Linda Lovelush

          I agree. If there was a window, it makes one wonder what the hell was REALLY going on.

          Thanks for the post.

        • Julia Gulia

          They are missing much of this story. The windows were boarded shut. That’s why she hadn’t seen daylight in 25 years. They padlocked her door as well. Also, being so malnourished, she wouldn’t have been able to escape let alone leave her bed.

          • Kelly Lynn Smith

            OK, granted but you don’t become malnourished overnight. Obviously they weren’t watching her 24/7 and she was young/healthy when first confined. It’s not that difficult to pull down curtains. Shutters or a door can be pulled off their hinges. Shutters can be broken out. Windows can be broken out. Put yourself in the situation. What would you do to attempt to get out? Normal humans are very resourceful. Something in that attic could have been used for a tool–either to get out the window or bash her captor over the head.

  • Priyanka

    Really feeling sorry for the poor lover girl. If I would have been in her position, I would have stayed for 1 month max and then would have committed my mother that I do not love the guy anymore and after regaining her confidence, one fine day, I would have escaped from home.
    BTW, why did lawyer not come to her rescue? He actually did not deserve her love.

  • chrisb

    Humm in 25 yrs this woman could not figure a way out of the room??I do think she was mentally ill and that is why she was locked away.It was not right but the mother felt there was no other way for the time

    • FeeFee Braids

      So youre making up reasons why it wouldve been ok for her to be treated that way? Where in the report does it say insanity was the cause of her being held hostage and kept like an animal? The mother couldn’t have simply been a sick wicked evil bitch?

  • Celestia

    That photo isn’t Blanche’s Mother, It’s Blanche in the psychiatric hospital. They shaved her hair off due to the state it was in when they found her.

  • FeeFee Braids

    I CANT UNDERSTAND HOW THEY LET THE BROTHER GO. “the court of appeal found that he had exercised no violence on the woman”. Really? So what do they consider him ALLOWING his mother to do this horror to his sister? He most certainly facilitated, agreed with and allowed it. He never broke the door down nor reported it. Vile pig.

  • DonkeyTeeth

    doesnt sound to bad to me? There are children and animals that are going through worse as I type this…mankind is the most cruel and deranged creatures this world has ever seen….by far

  • Hilah Parrot

    It bothers me they call her anarexic. She wasn’t anarexic. She didn’t choose to get that small. She was starved by another person.