Kids Say the Creepiest Things: Five Kids That Will Keep You Up At Night

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  • Tyler Watson

    I would imagine demons (God’s fallen angels) take forms of these beings they see and convince them that they are what they reveal (the dead being most common since the bible warns of familiars). I believe that’s the case since children have huge imaginations and are easy targets for demons. That’s just my opinion being a believer in the Almighty. Disagree? Fine but spare me the arguing and keep it to yourself.

  • Kenneth Elliott Hodges

    I’m Ken Hodges a man living in Los Gatos CA. I have always felt and believed that I am a pretty virgin girl inside of me from earliest memoriesI have been having a rapidly growing fanasy of haing a deamon or Satan hself or l ghosts coming in at night when I lay naked on my bed and violating me all night. I always g excitedy the thoughts