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The Missing Wife

This creepy short story by reddit user /r/Luna_LoveWell is the perfect combination of foreboding and scary. It comes as a response to the following reddit writing prompt: After a months long nationwide search operation, your missing wife is...

Vargas 2

Dorangel Vargas: The Terrifying Cannibal of Venezuela

When a country has no real history of serial killers, there is a certain dread and fascination when one appears seemingly out of nowhere. Though Venezuela has certainly had its share of strife, it was remarkably short...

David Parker Ray

David Parker Ray: The Toy Box Killer

On March 22, 1999, a naked young woman identified as Cynthia Vigil ran down a lonely stretch of road close to Albuquerque. She was covered in blood, barefoot, and around her neck she wore a thick metal...