The Otaku Killer: Miyazaki Tsutomu

James Oliviera

James Oliviera is the founder and editor of, the web's scariest resource for creepy stories, photographs and videos.

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  • Jing

    u got the definition of ‘otaku’ wrong

  • John

    you wrote Furance, instead of furnace

  • Ko reik Nachuj ?


  • Mutsumi

    An otaku isn’t just someone who is obsessed with anime and manga (the “animated film” and “comic books” you referred to). That surely can define an otaku, but it’s only one aspect of what an otaku is. An otaku is someone who is so into anything that it becomes an obsession and it’s virtually all they can think about. For example, someone completely obsessed with mechanics could be an otaku as well, sometimes referred to as a mech otaku. In the USA and other countries that are not Japan, the term otaku is used to describe someone who loves anime and manga, and to the person who considers themselves an otaku, it’s something to be proud of. However, in Japan, otaku are not something to be proud of because it usually means they are completely detached from the realities of life. Hope this helped a bit^^

  • _ “WeRTwentyØnePiløts&SøR.U” _

    no, cuz he is dead and he died in 2008 so im not scared of him