Willowbrook State: Terrifying Story of the Most Haunted School In New York

James Oliviera

James Oliviera is the founder and editor of ScaredYet.net, the web's scariest resource for creepy stories, photographs and videos.

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  • sweet

    Right because the children didn’t suffer enough in life now they are suffering for eternity as ghosts………… The kids are at peace & people see things out of a boring life!

  • Alice

    I’s like to say that Rand didn’t kill a ‘young woman”, but a 12 year old child.

  • Walter Clark

    I’m a intellectual disability person, and when I was little, I also lived in an institution which was in Rome, New York, from 1965 to 1972 called Rome State School. There, I lived in a building called: X-building in the children’s ward. the conditions there weren’t bad like those at Willowbrook, but one thing there I didn’t like was around Christmas, the children including me were forced to sleep without pillows on their beds, and in the restroom next to a room where I stayed at at Rome, there was no privacy, e.g, unlike in a public restroom, the toilets did not have no stalls, and Willowbrook was probably like that too, to me, that was very embarassing. The beds there at the building I stayed there resembled old-fashioned hospital beds, or cribs.
    To me, I was glad that I didn’t get sent to Willowbrook, by looking at pictures or old videos of those poor people who are living there.
    The rules at Willowbrook that they had to follow were probably too harsh, and too strict, that can make you sick, that can become too gross, that you don’t want to look and see what he or see is doing, and the smell of urine and feces they create make you sick, which was kind of similar to what cows create when you are on a farm, except it is from humans there (at Willowbrook). I was glad that Rome State School did not have those kind of conditions when I was living there.